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bogie & bergmanwhy is it that the words “here’s looking at you, kid” have such a healing effect on the soul? or how about “you love her that much?” or the sight of bogie rigging a roulette table to help out a bulgarian couple? this is a movie that not only manages to warm the very cockles of your heart, but make you laugh as well — my favorite is the exchange:

bogie: “and don’t forget, i’ve got a gun pointed at your heart”

rains: “that is my least vulnerable spot.”

maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow … the problems of three little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world … i think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship …

of course, it’s my opinion that mango sorbet helps as well. in fact, i am currently formulating a mango sorbettheory that when you pair the two, they are unstoppable at mending low-spirits. one of these days i’ll have that doctorate. “a beautiful friendship”, indeed!

i even managed to whip up a tasty dinner — ricotta, a little butter, egg noodles and a lot of pepper. good for the upset stomach.

i guess the lesson learned here is, exhaustion is one thing, sadness is another, and even if your favorite cure is away on a family emergency, there are others that will do in a pinch.


sad sad robotH is away for a whole week on a family emergency (possibly more, considering that he’s currently stuck at the airport for an unknown amount of time) and, after the madness of the last two weeks (foster dogs, crazy cats, lack of sleep, lots of stress at work) and now this, i am feeling ridiculously low energy and low-spirited.

i don’t think i will be doing much cooking today. or at all this week.

there’s enough peanut soup left-over from last weekend to be converted into sauce for some egg noodles (there’s lunch for the week), i bought a loaf of challa and some honey-nut cream cheese (there’s breakfast for the week), and i’ve got enough udon and soy sauce to last for … well, at least for a week. not to mention the mango sorbet and ben & jerry’s peanut butter cup ice cream i stocked up on yesterday — comfort food (can you call that food?) is a must right now.

i guess the bottom line is, all my motivation to be adventurous and excited and extravagant about cooking goes out the window if it’s just for myself. or, it could just be that i’m tired and depressed. and if i’m being totally honest, the above is actually a decent menu compared to my past dark weeks, most of which involved a lot of frozen pizza, frozen fries, and frozen TGIFriday appetizers.

blech. i will stick to left-overs and ice cream. i guess that’s progress?

an email i got from H the other day while at work (he got to sleep in, which apparently has a good effect on his breakfast-making capabilities), plus pictures taken by yours truly when i made him recreate it for me this morning. yumm.

potatoesDamn I’m good. Check this out: Thinly sliced red potatoes, cooked thoroughly in peanut oil, medium heat for approx. 8 minutes (Flipping halfway)


Two slices of bread, cut into cubes, put in a bowl and drizzled with a bit of balsamic vinegar


eggyolks.JPG Four yolked eggs, scrambled, then thrown in the pan w/ the potatoes and bread cubes. Cook just until the eggs are cooked-through and the bread had toasted (cause you don’t want any eggy stuff to be hiding raw in the bread).


A teeeeeeensy bit of cheddar cheese, after the stuff’s been cooked, just cover the plate so the steam can melt the cheese. Give it about 2 minutes, or the equivalent of time that it takes for H to read his wife’s awesome cooking blog post.



mmmmm breakfast


the bad news is, in an incident this saturday involving an intersection, an ice patch, and a mad dash to catch a bus, i wrenched the muscles around my elbow but good. i can’t really put much pressure on it, so that puts me down to, oh, say, zero cooking this week. sigh. so no menu to speak of. though H has been, as he so delightedly put it, my “right-hand man” — quite literally! — and has offered to do the cooking, it seems that even that experiment is not to be. we are moving on VERY short notice, and have to suddenly have everything packed and transferred by sunday.

the good news is, the new apartment will have 3 times as much counterspace and — are you ready? — A FULL OVEN!!!!!

what culinary wonders i will be getting up to next, time will only tell!

i honestly can’t remember when the last time i got chinese take-out was. well, rather, i can remember getting it, i just don’t remember how long ago it was. meaning, it was a long time ago.

whew! now that we’ve established that…

what better follow-up to thanksgiving could there be than fried rice, fried cheese wantons, and egg-drop soup?

chinese takeout

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