page_1.jpgonce upon a time, i was your average female twenty-something — a single, bitter, unfulfilled, over-worked, college graduate with a useless degree. or at least, that’s how it felt. of course, it wasn’t all bad. every now and then there would be those rare moments: recognition from the boss, a good date for once, the right outfit (finally!), the perfect apple turnover and chai. but for the most part, things were… well, blah.

know what i mean?

and now? well, i’m still an over-worked college graduate with a useless degree. but i’ve managed to lose the bitter and unfulfilled, and replace them with married and happy, over-tasked, under-budgeted, and plain going bonkers trying to keep it together.

and that’s what this blog is about. i know there are others out there in the same boat–never thought you’d be married, never imagined the tribulations of budgeting, not sure how to go about making a home, and MOST OF ALL: no idea how to cook.

so join me as i attempt to learn my way around a kitchen, produce edible — and hopefully tasty! — meals, and attempt to deal with this whole “homemaker” thing.