i’ve finally found it — that sweet spot. for most of this blog’s lifespan, i was cooking way too much food (and wasting it, most of the time). then, in the last few months, i stopped cooking altogether for awhile. and now, after about two weeks worth of wobbling on the fence (some nice consonance there! unintended, natch), i believe i have found the sweet spot. in celebration, i cleaned out my virtual recipe box. any recipes with more than (approximately) six ingredients, deleted. any recipes that called for ingredients not within the budget, deleted. any recipes that looked too elaborate, deleted. what a great feeling!

i tested the theory out this weekend. i looked for the simplest recipes i could find. turns out, we love eating them more than things that took me over an hour (whether because of lack of proper kitchen tools or whatever) to make. plus these recipes are so tasty you just can’t not love them:

Pasta with Mushrooms & Goat Cheese
Roasted Asparagus & Mushrooms
Egg Noodles With Peas & Mushrooms
Easy Egg Salad

yes, we are on a mushroom kick. but they taste completely different in each of these recipes. and i used three different kinds — white mushrooms for the pasta with goat cheese, portobellos for the asparagus, and cremini with the egg noodles. yummmm.