st. pattyas i mentioned before, i may only be 25% irish but it’s a proud 25%. however, my irish pride tends not to manifest itself in green clothing, green beer, or overdosing on guinness. don’t get me wrong — i love me some guinness, i just don’t think there’s a particular day it’s better to drink it than others. it’s actually similar to my feelings on valentine’s day, when i think about it. but today i actually manifested some of that classic st. patty’s day greenery, in a completely random way.

you see, ever since we got naked, ahem, i mean ever since our juice fast (sorry, couldn’t resist) H & i have really been rethinking our eating habits. neither of us had any trouble physically with the juice fast — we did have dreams about solid food, but that was all mental craving related. i don’t think i was hungry once that weekend. so that started us thinking.

and this past week, we’ve noticed other things about our eating habits. like, how if we eat more later in the day, we have more trouble getting to sleep at night and more trouble digesting in general. and how most of our snacky cravings come between the hours of noon and 3pm. so our resolution was to try and change it up a bit.

for breakfast, if H doesn’t feel like making any, we have the Naked Protein juice — and wow. a small glass of that really does the trick. and ever since, well, today, we’ve resolved to try and eat a big meal in the early afternoon, and only small stuff later in the day.

st. patrick’s day lunch so, to help us get in the habit, i made us lunch today — something i almost never do. sure, i cook weekends, but i tend to make everything so that we can eat it later on, not immediately. upon raiding the fridge for my lunch ingredients, i decided to get creative — even though that tends to backfire more often than not. today, i was feeling optimistic. maybe it was the beer (something i firmly believe in for all weekend afternoons, ethnic holiday or otherwise)…

but, st. patrick was with me! not only were fully half of my ingredients green, but it came out splendidly. i am so proud of this dish, in fact, that i am going to turn it into an official recipe. i just can’t decide what to call it — maybe you all can help me out with that?

so here it is!

st. patrick’s day mealSuzy’s St. Patrick’s Day Lunch
note: the tricky thing about the amounts down there are that i used mostly left-over hunks and bits of stuff. so these are all approximate. if something seems like too much or too little, you’re probably right!
1/3 head broccol-flower (or however you spell that), cut into little florets & bits
1/4 c edamame
peanut oil
1/3 c half and half
1/2 c grated or chopped cheese (i used mostly manchego with a bit of gouda, because it’s what i had, but i think the important part is to use one soft and one hard cheese so that they blend well)
red pepper flakes
1 1/2 c potato wedges

– heat potato wedges in a skillet or pot with a top over medium heat,  coated with just a little bit of oil so that they don’t stick
– sautee edamame until just starting to brown
– add broccol-flower florets and continue sauteeing until florets are heated through
– add edamame & florets to potatoes, cover & reduce heat to low, and continue heating until sauce is done
– sauce: add the half and half to the sautee pan you just used, then add the cheese. stir continuously over medium-low heat until all the cheese is melted
– season with red pepper flakes to taste
– add sauce to potato-veggie mixture. the sauce should be just enough to coat the mixture without much excess
– serve with garlic bread & beer! yummm.