i was having trouble with recipes this weekend. nothing was inspiring me — probably all the stress from the last few weeks kicking in. so i turned to my new cookbook, since we’ve had WAY too many leftovers from the past few cooking bouts and i haven’t tried most of them yet.

solo suppers

so, from left to right we have salmon & sauteed mushroom quiche which i invented (recipe after the jump), oven-roasted potatoes with red pepper flakes based on nigella’s garlic potatoes, and the fritatta recipe from solo suppers (which i promise to post when i get a minute)! plus, as you can see above, some store-bought breads and rolls to flesh things out a bit. oh, and i also made a boboli pizza with herbed gouda, fresh mozzerella, and pepperoni for snacking and lunch. and so far, we’re good to go! i have two more quick recipes waiting in the wings though, just in case a night comes when we don’t feel like any of this. but i feel pretty good about it — we’re not big eaters, i’ve come to realize, we’re big snackers. so a few dishes for dinner go a long way, as long as there are diversions when it comes to lunch and snacks!

Suzy’s Salmon & Sauteed Mushroom Quiche

4 oz (or more if you like) of smoked (or regular) salmon
2 eggs
half and half, milk, or heavy cream (choose your weapon)
4 white button mushrooms
1 tbs unsalted butter
1 pie pan
1 store-bought crust (or home-made, if you do that kind of thing)
salt & pepper

– poach salmon in a bit of water, or wine if you have that kind of money to throw around, until it’s just cooked through
– meanwhile, slice mushrooms and sautee in the butter
– crack the two eggs into a 1 cup measuring cup, and top off with half and half (or whatever dairy you’ve chosen) until the cup is full
– whisk together the eggs and dairy, then season with salt & pepper
– add mushrooms to egg mix
– flake salmon with fork and add to egg mix
– pour egg mix into prepared crust
– cook at 400 for about 40 minutes, until top is golden brown

i learned the measuring cup trick from julia, by the way.  it’s a super simple formula: however many eggs you’re using, you need half as many cups of liquid (including the eggs) total. so if you’re using 2 eggs, it’s 1 cup total; 3 eggs, 1.5, and so on! it’s a great thing to know, since if you’re like me you feel stupid looking up a quiche recipe every time you want to make one.