i will probably regret that post title, but i couldn’t resist.

i woke up this morning feeling generally crappy. in fact, i’ve woken up the past few mornings feeling generally crappy.

not really a surprise, when you consider the past few weeks. H is in the same boat.

the good news is, i woke up determined to do something about it. in college, i invented my own version of fasting that involved lots of really good high-quality juices, fruit, and yogurt. i’m sure actually that i didn’t invent it, but i’ve never found a name for it. so i call it my juice fast. i relied on it a lot in college to get my body all cleaned out. sometimes it would be for half a day, sometimes for a couple days, but it always left me feeling better.

so, this morning i suggested it to H. he was game, so off to the store we went! luckily our local grocery store has a nice selection of Naked juices, so i could dispense with the fruit and yogurt buying and just focus on the juice.

we got a nice selection:

and i also got a quart of chocolate soy milk, to help me through sweet cravings (the bane of my existence). definitely not the cheapest choice for this weekend (ouch, says the budget) but i think worth it in the long-run. anything would be worth getting rid of the post-nasal drip, constant low-grade headache, and general body tiredness that i’ve had.

we’re going to try to take it all the way through tomorrow, have a totally detox-friendly weekend. we’ll see if we make it. but we’ve been up since 8:30, it’s now 2:35, and i’m not hungry yet. i’ll take that as a good sign!