after succumbing for half of yesterday to an mtv marathon of america’s next top model cycle 6, to my eternal shame, i managed to summon up my motivation to cook (he’s flying in monday afternoon) and get back on track.

i started small — the first thing i made is a recipe for lemon cheesecake bars i’ve been hanging on to for a while, ever since i first saw it posted. cheesecake is the one sweet thing that H likes, and since my first one was so successful i’ve been yearning to try another one. i just now took them out of the fridge to check on them — for check on them, read eat some (to those who say cheesecake is not breakfast, i say, get thee behind me!) — and they turned out mmmm mmm good. this recipe is basically suzy-proof; the only trouble i had comes from using a food processor, since it has trouble getting the bottom layer of cream cheese to blend with everything else. but i persevered, and did a lot of pulse-and-scrape, and it worked out just fine!

then i did some potato wedges, since those seem to be very handy to have around (the last batch i made got thrown in with every other meal every other day) — this time i used olive oil (2 tbs), 1/2 tsp red pepper flakes (my newest spice acquisition!), salt and pepper, and am very pleased with the results. they have a nice kick to them, but aren’t spicy enough to overwhelm that yummy roast potato flavor. mmmm, potatoes.

today it’s spring rolls, easy green pasta, and cream of asparagus soup. i’ll let you know how it goes.