sad sad robotH is away for a whole week on a family emergency (possibly more, considering that he’s currently stuck at the airport for an unknown amount of time) and, after the madness of the last two weeks (foster dogs, crazy cats, lack of sleep, lots of stress at work) and now this, i am feeling ridiculously low energy and low-spirited.

i don’t think i will be doing much cooking today. or at all this week.

there’s enough peanut soup left-over from last weekend to be converted into sauce for some egg noodles (there’s lunch for the week), i bought a loaf of challa and some honey-nut cream cheese (there’s breakfast for the week), and i’ve got enough udon and soy sauce to last for … well, at least for a week. not to mention the mango sorbet and ben & jerry’s peanut butter cup ice cream i stocked up on yesterday — comfort food (can you call that food?) is a must right now.

i guess the bottom line is, all my motivation to be adventurous and excited and extravagant about cooking goes out the window if it’s just for myself. or, it could just be that i’m tired and depressed. and if i’m being totally honest, the above is actually a decent menu compared to my past dark weeks, most of which involved a lot of frozen pizza, frozen fries, and frozen TGIFriday appetizers.

blech. i will stick to left-overs and ice cream. i guess that’s progress?