preface: i’m not sure it counts as stirfry if you don’t have a wok. i don’t have a wok, but i’m going to call it stirfry anyway, because things got stirred while frying and that’s good enough for me.

popover & stirfrythis weekend’s recipes (with one notable exception) were all rousing successes! which is good, because last week was enough to make me want to throw in the towel and go back to frozen food & eating out. there’s nothing worse than lackluster food that you made yourself and then have to eat for an entire week. unless it’s the feeling you have a week later when you see all that uneaten food and can’t bring yourself to do anything with it but send it to a peaceful grave down the garbage disposal. shocking? didn’t you know — from time to time, i do waste food.

but i foresee very little wasted food this week. the chili (which recipe i did alter as far as ingredients, but not at all as far as procedure/technique) is delicious, and i couldn’t be prouder of my impromptu seasonings. the turkey burgers turned out nicely, and the relish is verrrry tasty — i know exactly what i’ll be having for dinner tonight! the tomato dip is yummy, the popovers were delicious and perfectly formed (i resisted opening the oven! three cheers for suzy!), the souvlaki was the perfect sunday munch-lunch, and the stirfy …

my god, the stirfry! not only was it fantastic, but i made it up!

well, mostly. i based it loosely on my rememberance of making the chicken and cabbage udon — whichseasonings was very very good. so i went to the store and got the same seasoning mix, and attempted to do a nice balanced vegetable combination. broccoli is on the pungent/bitter side, so i balanced that with carrots (sweet/bitter). i had some nice cocktail onions (vinegary/sour) so i balanced those with half a red bell pepper. i fried them all up with some peanut oil, soy sauce, a splash of apple cider vinegar and the seasoning mix, cooked me up some udon noodles, and hey presto!

magnifique, if i do say so myself. this one is a keeper — expect to see it on my recipe page/grouprecipes very soon!