i was really excited about this recipe. it’s been a long time since i made a cake, mostly because i’ve only ever made one cake. not one cake as in, once i baked a cake. rather, as in, i have made one cake recipe many many times.

it’s a family recipe, passed down on my mother’s side, and it’s sinfully delicious. devil’s food cake from scratch, with buttercream icing from scratch. or at least, i assume it’s buttercream icing, because all that’s in it is some butter, confectioner’s sugar, and a little milk. anyway, it’s amazing, and one day i will share the recipe.

it is also insanely time-consuming to make, and it’s enormous. i don’t dare cut the recipe in half, since it would be too confusing (1 and a half eggs? how does that work) and since it would, to me, violate the spirit of the recipe’s history.

glitchy cakeso, when clotilde posted this one, i was really excited. here was a simple cake recipe that would taste amazing — i knew because she said so, and i believe no one if not her when it comes to food.

but i didn’t end up with cake. i followed the directions to a tee, and i ended up with … well, fudge with a crust is the only way i can describe it. the top set just fine, but everything underneath has the texture of under-cooked brownies. i even (against my better judgment) put the cake back in the oven for a bit, but that had exactly no effect.
don’t get me wrong — i like fudge just as much as the next person. and because i used really good dark chocolate (green & black’s maya gold) it tastes amazing. but it doesn’t taste like amazing cake, which was kind of the point.

i looked through the comments, and no one else seemed to have any trouble with it. but i’ve read through the recipe about a dozen times, and i can’t find where i went wrong. the only thing i can think of is that my oven (this is the first time i’ve tried it on a cake) is a little bit off in heat measurement. though i have to say that 1/2 a cup of flour didn’t seem like enough — it was a very soupy batter. or maybe it’s the altitude? i live at 6000+, and i’ve heard that can change bake times/methods …
anyway, it’s a mystery to me. H tried a piece and said he liked it, which is good. and i ate a piece and liked it too. i just kind of wish i was liking a cake.