so i don’t know if any of you have heard about this (i found it through slashfood) but grouprecipes is pretty cool! i’m not bothered by things being in beta, and apparently neither are a lot of other people because there are about a bazillion people and their recipes on this site.

i think my favorite thing so far is the flavor-matcher. it asks you about all kinds of different flavors and vegetables and ethnic cuisines, and then will let you know if a certain recipe matches your flavor profile or not. now THAT is nifty.

and it’s a good thing i found it, too, because i’ve been running verrrry low on inspiration for recipes. this week’s (i.e. last weekend’s) batch was less than inspired. it all tasted fine, but i wasn’t excited about eating any of it. it was very … well, it’s weeks like these that remind me why i picked “suzycantcook” as the domain name for this blog. it’s not just about making things that are edible — it’s about making things that you WANT to eat, and that other people want to eat too. things that make you go, “mmmmmm …. that was good.”

it’s a high standard, i know. but we all have to have something to strive for!

so in this weekend’s cooking spree, it’s all about the group recipes, plus (mais oui) two from clotilde and one from yumsugar: