i’ve never been a fan, i confess. probably because i’ve always been a hopeless romantic, and the idea that there’s this one day of the year where you’re supposed to REALLY REALLY love someone bothers the hell out of me. why not REALLY REALLY love someone all year round? or give cards and chocolate and flowers and all that other lovey-dovey stuff on a day they’re not expecting it, to show that you do in fact love them all the time and not just when you’re supposed to?

like i said, hopeless romantic.

thankfully H is of the same mind, and so we give valentine’s day a miss every year. and usually, i manage to pretty much forget about it and get all surprised on the day in February when everyone else in the office shows up wearing some version of red or pink. but this year, being tuned into the blog world, it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to forget!

it seems like just about every blog i go to has something about valentine’s day. even slashfood has gotten in on the pre-v-day action! i expect no less from yumsugar (and love her for it), but slashfood? come on now.

so i would like to give a big shout-out to david, jasmine, clotilde, adam, and kristen for not bombarding me with v-day posts. while they may indeed do a v-day post, i just appreciate not having to hear about it ahead of time.