while i may not be up to snuff in the organization department compared to some people who have half a month’s worth of recipes planned in advance, i am making progress. most recently this is entirely due to the Google Notebook. if you’ve got a google account, go to the Labs section and download this guy immediately.

not only can you write yourself notes, you can have multiple notebooks with as many internal sections (all nameable!) as you want, so it makes recipe collection (if you do it my way) a hell of a lot easier.

recipe collection the suzy way:

  1. read lots of blogs/food news sites from many different computers (work, home, home other computer)
  2. steal recipes from them
  3. make said recipes

it used to be, i would have to copy the recipes into an email and send it to myself, to be filed in a cooking folder and lost amongst all the other ones i had also sent to myself. now, i highlight the recipe and right click “Note This” (handy browser extension, how i love you!) and poof! it is in my google notebook, plus an automatic LINK TO WHERE I FOUND IT!!!! then i can drop it in the right section — is it something to “Make This Weekend”, or a “Recipe to Try”, or a recipe i once made and then lost and have now found again that will be filed in “Recipes to Keep”? or a whole new category i create completely on the spur of the moment, like “All Things Fennel”? or all of the above??!!!

ok, maybe not all of the above. but still! this is one cool gadget if you do a lot of collecting from lots of different sites, this is the gadget for you.