suzy’s new peti’ve always had a hard time thinking of plants as anything but pets. the bamboo plant i had for all of college not only had a name, but had a place of honor right next to my beta fish.

at least this time, i know what i bought!

isn’t it a beautiful rosemary plant? when i saw it at the grocery store, i couldn’t resist. one of the most difficult things about only cooking for two people is the waste of fresh herbs. i like to use them, i love the way they smell, but they go bad so quickly! and i only need, generally, about 1/3 of them for any given recipe, so i go through a lot of herbs.

why i didn’t think of it earlier, i’m not sure.

now i just have to figure out how to keep it alive. i poked around online and established that i should only water it when it’s completely dry. but nobody had any good tips on clipping it — should i take from the top or the bottom? from the stem, or just the leaves? how long will it take to regrow sections? nobody’s telling. it’s my very first live herb plant, so understandably i’m a bit nervous about it.

here’s hoping that rosemary (not very original, but oh so appropriate) hangs around long enough for me to perfect my technique!