Learning to Cook with Marion Cunninghami hate to say it, but the hard honest truth is, i think i may already have found a better kitchen reference than julia’s. i know, i know! i was so excited! and i still am!

but marion may have stolen my heart away. Learning to Cook with Marion Cunningham was the other book i picked up at the library. not only is it gorgeous (giant pictures, glossy pages, an amazingly easy-to-read layout) but it’s got recipes and hints galore, and not just about sauces.

for example, the most eye-opening, why-didn’t-i-think-of-that tidbit i’ve ever encountered in a beginner’s cookbook:

I often hear this complaint from home cooks: “I don’t mind cooking but I hate the mess afterwards.” … When I was teaching children how to cook, the first lesson they learned was: “Wash your hands and fill a big friendly bowl with sudsy hot water.” Well, the lesson wasn’t just for children. I wouldn’t be without that bowl of sudsy water in my sink.

It’s so simple. As you are going along, just drop every utensil and pot you’ve used into that bowl. Then, when everything has soaked a few minutes, wash it up, rinse, and let drain while you continue your cooking.

oh. my. god.

either i am ridiculously stupid/inexperienced, or she is a freaking genius.

this book, i will DEFINITELY be buying.