it seems like everyone has heard of julia child. even before i knew who she was, i had heard of her — my mother and her brothers would do julia child impersonations for us at family cook-outs when i was little, which invariably had us snorting up milk.

the last time i went to the library, i took a quick look through the cooking section. lo and behold, i saw it — julia’s kitchen wisdom: essential techniques and recipes from a lifetime of cooking.

doesn’t that sound useful?

turns out, it is! it’s got a base recipe for pretty much everything ever (quiche, roasted chicken, muffins, crepes, all the sauces) not to mention the writing had me giggling. it’s not exactly that she makes jokes, but her prose varies from the ultimate in proper to the ultimately casual and frank. (i will post examples later, i don’t have it in front of me right now).

i’m thinking that i will have to add this to my “buy this cookbook” list. or i could copy out all the base recipes, but that doesn’t sound like much fun. either way, this is THE kitchen reference for basic cooking, in my limited experience. if you know of a better one, i’d love to hear about it!