soup & muffinthis weekend’s cooking spree turned out a veritable smorgasbord of winter comfort food. not entirely intentionally, i might add. last friday it took me awhile to pick my recipes, mostly because of the disaster area that was one of the previous week’s recipes (for disaster area, read suzy overreaching her culinary ability and her culinary equipment). but that’s another story. this story is about my winter cornucopia of recipes:

the first two (which became three) came from clotilde (but of course). the simple soup recipe looked, well simple. but i think there must be some sort of disconnect between sweet potato sizing in paris and in america. her recipe calls for 4 medium sweet potatoes. i only used three of the smallest sweet potatoes i could find at the store — which were not that small — and i couldn’t even fit anything else but the turnip in the pot. so either parisian sweet potatoes are tiny, or her soup pot is huge. and since soup isn’t exactly something you can do in batches…

and i’d already done the garlic and onions, i figured, what the hell, a soup with sweet potatoes and a turnip can’t taste bad. so i proceeded on my merry way with the directions, and i must say, i turned out one very tasty soup. it’s got a very quiet, sweet flavor that only got better when i added a mild ginger spice mix.

the second soup was closer to the recipe, only i dropped the garlic and only used 1 sweet potato, 1 white potato, 3 zucchini, and chopped fresh mint for seasoning instead of a spice mix. this is an amazing soup. the mint does so well with the sweet potato and the zucchini that i feel i’ve created something … well, amazing! yumm. i promise to post the recipe soon.

cornbread muffinsthe cornbread muffin recipe actually came from the comments on chocolate & zucchini, i can’t remember where. it is an awesome recipe though, and i who have never made cornbread muffins before was astonished at how good they turned out. i remember that i found it by searching “cornbread” from the homepage. when i have some down-time, i will try and find it again.

penne & cheesethe penne & cheese is, to put it simply, rapturously good. go immediately and make this recipe. it caused me to go over my food budget a bit this week (cheese is expensive!!!) but i didn’t care after i made it. my favorite thing about it is, it does not involve any bechamel. which is excellent, because i am terrified of attempting to make it. bad experience. not to be repeated at any cost. no bechamel. i love you, regina!