my new hero is named Charlie. he was kind enough to not only name the mystery vegetable, but tell me what it was good for:

It’s fennel. Usually recipes call for the bulbs, but the fronds have a nice anise-y dill flavor.

which leaves me wondering if there is some sort of interpretive produce button at the grocery store, that knew that the fronds have an anise-y flavor and that is why it wrang up as anise? either that or the check-out guy took an overeducated guess. who knows.

which then brings me to the recipe i initially bought said mystery vegetable for. i found it (of course) over at chocolate & zucchini — i’m starting to think i’m going to have to buy clotilde’s cookbook when it comes out, i use her recipe index so much.

the original recipe was Salmon & Leek Quiche. hence the misguided but well-intentioned attempt to buy leeks. it was not to be, but turns out that clotilde’s recipes are not only easy, but suzy-proof! i had some green onions on hand, and so i chopped three of those up with some of the fronds of, ahem, fennel, which i decided was ok by smell (this was before i knew what it was). into the salmon and not-leek quiche it went, and behold!

i didn’t even get a chance to take a picture of it before H, home from work and apparently ravenous, had taken a big chunk of it. the moral of the story? quiche is good, and fennel is not a leek.

anybody have any suggestions as to what i should use that fennel for? they would be most welcome.

salmon & not-leek quiche