coming down from sugar high friday (not to mention wasting time online at work), i came across this article on Salon

Katja von Garnier’s “Blood and Chocolate” offers the kind of B-movie pleasures — albeit elegant B-movie pleasures — that are hard to come by these days. This is the story of a werewolf girl, Vivian (Agnes Bruckner), who falls in love with a human boy, Aiden (Hugh Dancy) — a potential disaster not only because Vivian is the top candidate to become the mate of werewolf Prince Gabriel (Olivier Martinez), but also because her attraction to a human is a betrayal of her tribe, an ancient line of troubled, mysterious and not wholly unprincipled wolf creatures who wish mankind would just leave them alone… Vivian works in a candy store, an old-world chocolatier with a deep-red facade, which sells exquisite bonbons. It’s a place catering more to refined tastes than to lusty appetites, a haven for a werewolf girl straddling two worlds. — Stephanie Zacharek

this is, possibly, the best combination of one of my least guilty pleasures (chocolate) with one of my most guilty pleasures (anything mythic — werewolves, vampires, you name it, i was obssessed with it when little and still retain traces of said obsessions). i know that the initial description sounds ridiculously inane, but Stephanie Zacharek goes on to give some very compelling reasons not to dismiss this one out of hand.

movie night, anyone?