i adore david lebovitz’s blog. i’d like to say i adore him as well, but not having met the man or eaten his desserts i really couldnt’ say. i was catching up on my foodblogs yesterday (vacation was interesting to say the least, but that’s an entirely other, mostly non-food related, story) and seeing that he is hosting a Sugar High Friday (the 27th one no less, how i missed the first 26 i have no idea), i decided to pick up the virtual gauntlet and actually participate in one of these blogathon thingummies.

so, for those of you who don’t feel like clicking on over to the guidelines, here’s the scoop: make something with brandname chocolate in it. any brand at all.

easy as pie? well, in my case, easy as scones!

i have already rhapsodized over epicurious’s raspberry hazelnut scones, and for some reason when i read david’s post, i couldn’t get the recipe out of my head. i said to myself, self, raspberries are sweet and so is chocolate; therefore, why not substitute chocolate for the raspberry?

and so was born, suzy’s chocolate hazelnut scones, in 3 easy steps!

step one: take apart the recipe and put it back together again
the recipe initially calls for the dough to be shaped into 4 discs, with the raspberry preserves spread on top of two, which are then covered and sealed with the other two. so then you have two megadiscs that you cut into scones. in my ingenuity, i figured that i could put the chocolate in at the same time i put the hazelnuts in. that being accomplished, we move on to

step two: make the recipe
this recipe is almost foolproof, as i have proved (i.e., i successfully made it and spilled/destroyed nothing). in fact, it’s actually fun!

crumbly crumbly dough

before you shape it, the dough is pretty much just a bunch of greasy crumbs. this may not sound like fun to you, but i had a blast smushing them all together to make these fabulous dough balls.


the dough balls were so fabulous, in fact, that i couldn’t resist pinching off bits of them to eat before pressing them out and cutting them into scones. mmmm, dough ….

voila, scones

and voila! into the oven with them (is it just me, or do they look disturbingly like pizza slices? also, i should have used a bigger baking pan — they kind of spread together a bit) and out come, voila, delicious chocolate hazelnut scones! they are crumbly, and i’m glad i didn’t put more chocolate in — they have just the right balance between the oily, nutty goodness of the hazelnuts and the rich, creamy goodness of the dark chocolate. perfect winter snackfood/breakfast/lunch/dinner/you get the idea.

step 3: document the hell out of them & write a shorter post to send to david lebovitz — pending

you know you want to make them now. how can you resist? speaking of resisting, i think it’s time for another one…