it’s funny (funny weird funny, not funny ha-ha funny) that david lebovitz would pick now to host a Sugar High Friday that 1) i am aware of, and 2) involves a bar of some brand of chocolate.

funny (weird funny) because i happen to have had a very special bar of chocolate sitting in my cabinet since the day after christmas.

gasp! how could any bar of chocolate go sitting for that long? even suzy’s not that crazy, is she?

but here’s the thing. this bar of chocolate has a story. a strange story full of twists, snowbanks and unexpected blog posts!

are you intrigued yet? i sure hope so! my contribution to Sugar High Friday #27 then, is to tell you the story of the Starbucks Chocolate Bar that became suzy’s very first batch of chocolate hazelnut scones.

the finished product

it is a widely held notion that people should not have to work on christmas day. people who disagree with this notion are generally hated, along with all jobs that require you to work on christmas, of which there are not many. unfortunately, my husband happens to have one of those jobs.

on the fortunate side, one of his christmas day customers was nice enough to realize how heinous this situation was, and decided to bring in starbucks paraphernalia for everyone at said location who worked christmas morning.

starbchocolate.JPGthis paraphernalia included a Starucks (c) Dark Chocolate Bar that H, being a wise and loving husband, grabbed on my behalf. he stuck it in his bag and promptly forgot about it until christmas night, when we were opening presents.

imagine my surprise when he rooted through his bag for five minutes, looked around for another minute with a bemused expression on his face, and then wandered back outside into the 3 feet of snow, 12 degree night, only to come back empty-handed and lacking a good explanation.

imagine my even greater surprise when halfway through the day after christmas (on which he also had to work), he came back inside from shoveling out the car with a bar of Starbucks (c) chocolate in his hand.

apparently, it had fallen out of his bag the night before, gotten buried in a snowbank right next to the car, and only reappeared when he disturbed it with the shovel.

but, it being wrapped in lots of unnecessary packaging that included possibly four layers of plastic, it was definitely still a good day after christmas present. only i felt bad just eating it — it had been through so much, it should get a better send-off than that. shouldn’t it?

and then, there was vacation, in which it languished forgotten in the cabinet. and then there were those three days after we got back, in which i still didn’t remember it.

then, catching up on all my foodblogs that i had missed while away, i came across david’s post. it sounded like fun, but i was pretty sure i didn’t have any chocolate in the house, and anyway what would i make? i pondered this as i craved the scones i had made christmas morning.

mmm, chocolateand then, it hit me! the chocolate bar, the scones, the post — it all suddenly came together in one beautiful, glorious, semi-coherent thought: CHOCOLATE SCONES!!!! mmm, scones …

and thus was born an original recipe, brought to you by yours truly, a bar of lost-and then found-and then forgotten-and then remembered dark chocolate, and david lebovitz.

for a rollicking, laugh-out-loud, blow-by-blow account of the making of the scones, read on! just in case you have doubts, here are some more pictures to entice you.

crumbly crumbly dough

scones & chocolate