i ended up being too busy to keep up the blow-by-blow (chop-by-chop? dish-by-dish? what’s the appropriate cooking phrase, i wonder?) update on all my christmas cooking, and then just too tired to post for the last two days. but now i am showered, tea-and-sconed, and ready to report!


this one actually went AS PLANNED! NO GLITCHES! can you believe it? the smoked salmon casserole turned out amazing — the only thing i wish i’d done was increase the custard, like all of the comments on epicurious told me to. the scones are my personal favorite, not only because they are pretty but because it’s like having cookies for breakfast!


then there was dinner:

i had to kind of revise my previous plans for dinner.  after looking more closely at my budget and at the recipes, and then at the comments on some of those recipes, dinner became the following

the first was another (christmas miracle!) glitch free dish, and the only alteration i made was to use flavored goat cheese instead of attempting to find Herbes de Provence at the grocery store on the day before christmas. good call, me!

Scalloped Potatoes with Goat Cheese & Herbes de Provence

i was REALLY excited about making the mini yorkshire puddings. H is an anglophile, and ever since we watched 84 Charing Cross Road, i’ve been looking for a good yorkshire pudding recipe that didn’t involve lard. which pretty much doesn’t exist, but this one at least offered olive oil as a substitution, and they were divine! possibly the easiest out of all my christmas recipes to prepare, and a huge hit.

mini yorkshire puddings

the penne turned out just fine as well — no picture of that one on hand at the moment. and so, all in all, christmas dinner was a complete success! phew! that called for a glass (or two, or three) of wine, let me tell you.

the only real glitch, i guess, was the previously mentioned cheesecake issue.  turns out there’s a reason not to mix cheesecake filling and pie crust. the resulting is edible, sure, but … well, it’s entirely lacking in that delicious crumbly cheesecake moistness, and the texture is a little blah. lesson learned — start over again if you kill your cheesecake.