it has officially begun! one dish down, one dish in process, many many to go.

H’s favorite green bean casserole

the green bean casserole was, as usual, very simple. the only possible glitch is cooktime, since i use frozen green beans and have to compensate for that. but it looks yummy and smells delicious. this one may get eaten, at least partially, prior to christmas.

but what would me cooking be without glitches?

the cheesecake was looking so easy this time too. i knew to halve the recipe, since i didn’t want two, and i got whipped cream cheese this time so it wouldn’t be lumpy.

i also knew not to try to blend it in my crockpot stoneware, since i’ve discovered that not only scratches stoneware but makes a sincerely unpleasant noise. so, i got out one of my large ziplock tupperwares.

oh, right. glitch. it’s one of those stacking tupperwares, so it has a little ridge in the middle. which meant that, thinking it was perfectly blended, i dump it into my store-bought graham cracker crust, only to find that most of the cream cheese has settled into the tupperware area around the ridge in the center.

so what do i do? try to dump the liquid back into the tupperware, after scraping up the cream cheese on the bottom. only the graham cracker crust, being storebought, goes with it.

so now we’ll see how graham cracker cheesecake custard turns out. pictures in five minutes and counting.