is this what it always feels like? or is it just because i moved?

having successfully planned and cooked a small thanksgiving meal, and feeling the great relief that follows not giving anyone food poisoning, i now have to plan and cook a christmas meal! where does the time go?

well, i guess i don’t have to. but what kind of non-homemaker would i be if i didn’t attempt it? besides, i found all of these really cool recipes!

instead of going with the Bon Appetit Menu Planner like thanksgiving (mostly because none of the Christmas menus tickled my fancy) i’ve assembled my own menu, comprised of recipes from Epicurious (and therefore Bon Appetit and Gourmet)! it was a lot of fun — kind of like putting together a puzzle, based on spicing, prep time, and ingredients instead of shape.

i guess that’s not very much like a puzzle, is it?

well, anyway. my christmas breakfast menu:

sounds yummy, doesn’t it? and then for christmas dinner (who needs lunch after a breakfast like that?) i picked recipes from all around europe! boy was that fun:

only i’m going to halve all of the above recipes, since i’m only cooking for three. it’ll be a european smorgasbord! a continental buffet! a … lot of food i’ve never made before.

but hey! after two weeks of not being able to cook, first because of my arm and second because of the move, i’m getting antsy. i even got ingredients for two new recipes last night at the grocery store!

what are they? i’ll let you know after i’ve made them.