have you heard of Chocolate & Zucchini? if not, you should go and meet clotilde immediately. she is so wonderful that i have added her to my Suzy Salutes list. and, since i got tired of the inconsistent recipes over at AllRecipes and don’t have it in the budget to make Epicurious’ recipes for anything but holidays, i decided to go through her recipe archives for this weekend’s cooking spree — the first since i hurt my arm.

and i tell you, what a good idea it was. cauliflower soup? who woulda thunk it? it turned out beautifully, even though my food processor refused to create a “fine powder” out of the hazelnuts. her recipe for chicken udon is now the first time i have ever cooked chicken without a crockpot and DAMN — that is one tasty dish! the carrot fries were yummy too, even though i was shocked and a little dismayed to find out exactly how much 2lbs of carrots will yield — think one of those baskets of fries that you get at a restaurant who promises you a never-ending basket, but will only fill it half-way.

today i will be attempting the absorption pasta, although with slight alterations to the recipe. i’ll let you know how it goes!