bread1.JPGthis weekend, i discovered a bakery.

“great!”, i thought, “i can write a post about it.”

that was before i’d gone in. actually, that was before i’d even started my errands for the day. i thought that as i was sitting quietly at home, locating bakeries on google. for some reason, chinese food had put the need in me for a giant loaf of fresh bread and some croissants. who says you need to be pregnant to have weird cravings? i have them all winter long, every winter. something to do with the urge to hibernate coupled with the necessity of work. instead of getting depressed, i crave foods in random succession.

so, armed with a mental map of the bakery intersection, i set off about my saturday errands. drop H to work, check. go to the grocery store, check. i started to get a little giddy as i left the grocery store, on the way to the bakery, visions of cinnamon buns and fluffy loaves dancing around my brain. mmm, the smell of baking bread, i thought. mmmmmm.

the parking lot outside the bakery was a nightmare.

who would have thought that many people needed to visit a stripmall the saturday after thanksgiving? and the bakery was loud, noisy, and crowded, and there were no croissants or buns in sight. in situations like that, i seize up and get out of dodge as fast as i can.

in the corner i spied a giant shelf with bagged loaves. screw today’s bread, i thought, i’ll take yesterdays. seconds later i was breathing a sigh of relief in the car, before attempting to navigate the parking lot filled with holiday drivers.

after some more erranding, i got home, cut the bread in half and froze the larger bit. i then put it out of my mind. “definitely not worth writing a post,” i thought. “what kind of bakery doesn’t have croissants?”

the next morning, when inspiration struck. i didn’t even let H offer to make breakfast. i had had the most beautiful vision when i woke, of a perfectly constructed breakfast. i went to work.

diced orange peppers and green onions, check. sautee in a little oil, check. add two eggs and mix in the pan, check. heap on top of bread slices slightly frying in oil in the second pan, check! cover each with a piece of pepperjack cheese, check!! when cheese is melty top with breadcrumbs, check!!!

and voila! a gourmet breakfast was born. and every morning since, breakfast has involved my newfound bread. i even had to unfreeze the second half yesterday.

“now that is worth i post,” i thought to myself this morning over my butter-fried bread with confectioner’s sugar and honey, “definitely worth a post.”