i honestly can’t remember when the last time i got chinese take-out was. well, rather, i can remember getting it, i just don’t remember how long ago it was. meaning, it was a long time ago.

whew! now that we’ve established that…

what better follow-up to thanksgiving could there be than fried rice, fried cheese wantons, and egg-drop soup?

chinese takeout

i woke up this morning with an absurd craving for veggie fried rice. on top of that, H didn’t want to make breakfast, wasn’t feeling very chef-ee. we have already established my low threshold for breakfast foods, so there you have it. instant recipe for chinese take-out.

turns out that no chinese restaurants on the face of the earth open before 11am, so H and i occupied ourselves with tea and internet videos until we could reasonably start walking to the nearest one. the walk home was even more excrutiating, since savory aromas wafted from the bag under my arm at every little breeze.

to distract us from the smells, the walk back was entirely taken up with our attempts to remember our first chinese take-out, the names of the places we had gone to in high school and college, and the strange cliques of white teenagers to be found at chinese buffets across the nation. in my hometown, it was the nerd-punk group (yes, there was such a thing. they liked programming, ICQ, punk music, and button-down dress shirts from thrift stores. our association was short-lived, to say the least). all of which makes me think of nigel slater, which makes me happy all over again that i have at last discovered him.

to sum it all up, mmmmm….. chinese food…..