it’s not like i thought i would get through today glitch-free. i was pretty sure some stuff would go wrong. but somehow, when things actually DO go wrong, it’s disappointing anyway.

glitch number one: the turkey
of course, the turkey. i mean, really, it’s only the center-piece of EVERY flippin thanksgiving meal on the continent, minus vegan and vegetarians. lucky them. and here i was so proud of myself for finding the right turkey, frozen, but still, i had gotten something right. or not…

suzy’s first turkeyso it turns out, that the turkey that i got (at the grocery store) is not quite the right cut. the bon appetit menu planner is under the impression that i have a butcher. hah, i say. when i finally got the damn thing defrosted, hrmrrmrm…. there was supposed to be this open row between the two halves of the breasts for me to stuff. not so much.

so i was only able to get about 1/2 of the stuffing into it, and a decent amount of THAT fell out as i was attempting to roll it up. not rollable. did you ever see a more forlorn looking bird, i ask you?

so now, not only do i have a poorly trussed turkey (also, before you ask, i had to request kitchen string from the meat counter at the grocery store. none for sale. and they’d only give me what you see there.) but i have a bunch of stuff that was supposed to go INSIDE the turkey. what do i do with that??

glitch two: the sweet potatoes
this wasn’t so much a glitch as sheer stupidity. everything went really well, right up until i was pouring the puree out of the blender and into its tupperware. guess who forgot to take the blades out?