so someone over at epicurious has really woken up. i mentioned before that they now have great how-to videos — VIDEOS!!! — for things as simple as chopping an onion and as terribly advanced to me as poaching an egg. i didn’t even know what poaching was until i watched that one.

maybe they got tired of only being read by people who can afford the ingredients in their recipes? whatever the impetus was, they have now introduced something even possibly more amazing than the how-to videos.

drumroll please…

the Foolproof Thanksgiving Menu Planner!

wow. tons of recipes (don’t be fooled by just the featured ones, there are lots more) that range from how to feed 12 and cook everything a day ahead to how to feed six and spend WAY too much on gourmet mushrooms.

this, at least, will help me get through this thanksgiving. it’s the first time i haven’t been with family, extended or otherwise, pretty much ever. i guess that’s what happens when you move to a state none of your family lives in. however we will be collecting all of our friends in a similar situation and creating an impromptu sans-family family for the holiday.

oh, and guess who volunteered to cook?

i guess we’ll see how foolproof that menu planner is…