a george foreman, that is.

not one of those jeans-and-leather-belt wearing construction managers. never did fully appreciate the village people, to tell you the truth.

a george foreman, on the other hand! even the older models are pretty in the way that iMacs are pretty, no matter how impractical white is for a kitchen appliance that will routinely spit out grease and fat. and the older models have the additional attraction of being very very cheap, since mr. foreman himself is now pushing a new line that, i swear, is called something like the “next grilleration”. wow. marketing.

why the sudden coveting for a large hunk of metal that will sear meat and meat-like products?

partially it is the abundance of giant portobello mushrooms at the grocery stores, just begging to be turned into portobello steaks marinated in… well, something. probably not lawry’s, and definitely not in a crockpot. possibly red wine vinegar? or some combination of herbs and broth? or some other amazing marinade liquid i have yet to discover?

the other part is my husband.

after he was done with his second and a half helping of crock o’ havana, and in a meat-induced bliss (did i mention we don’t eat meat very often? partly because i was a vegetarian for 13 years, and partly because it’s expensive, and also partly because i don’t know how to cook it) was envisioning tuna and salmon (and probably in his head pork or beef, but he knows better than to mention those in front of me), and i for the life of me could not imagine putting either of those in a crockpot.

after slyly putting the idea in my head (well, ok, the portobello’s started it, but he’s only encouraging it now isn’t he?) he said the magic words, “and then i could make dinner!”

oh, the beauty of those words. it’s not that i mind — cooking has become my new stress relief. but it’s really only possible for me on the weekends; my weekday hours just don’t allow me to feel good about coming home to chopping, sauteeing, and the like.

sneaky and underhanded he is, but he also knows me very very well.

so we shall see. budget, fear me, for i will now attempt to eek $40 out of where formerly there was only $2.13!