the mysteries of the omelet have always eluded me. luckily, the one area of cooking my husband excels at is breakfast. i have never met (or eaten with) anyone with more aptitude for inventing tasty breakfasts than him. so normally, it doesn’t matter; he makes me breakfast, i make everything else. it’s a fine arrangement, especially since early in the morning, i’m not capable of much.

however, now that his work schedule has changed, there are certain days i’m left to fend for myself. i tried forlornly wandering around the kitchen, glaring at things, but that just left me hungry and eye-sore. and there is only so much you can do with toast before getting heartily sick of it, no matter what is spread on top.

but wait! epicurious — which i normally find a little too pretentious and the recipes too full of expensive and frightening ingredients — has apparently wised up to the fact that their readers are not all ruth reichl and mimi sheraton. along with the redesign of their page (which came hand in hand with redesigns of and; is there some sort of cooking webpage schedule? or maybe a secret network of informers? or some all-powerful web designer, who dictates these things?) they have posted how-to videos, apparently entirely for my benefit.

and so, last week in my despair, i thought, “well suzy, you watched that how-to video on making an omelet. maybe you should try it out!”

only this thought came right on the heels of a weekend vacation, leading to a week in which i had done no shopping and we had very little food in the house. so i ransacked the fridge and pantry and came up with … parmesan and nutmeg.

parmesan and nutmeg?

yep, parmesan and nutmeg.

i figured, hey, if it turns out to be inedible, i can always make toast. bread is something we always have on hand (though, i should mention that my husband has an unfortunate taste for white breads; at least he’s happy with potato bread. i, on the other hand, much prefer rye and wheat).

so there went nothing, but voila! not only was it edible, but i have made it consistently since and enjoyed it every single time. there’s something about the combination of parmesan and nutmeg that is so decadent — rich, oily, and so satisfying during the cold.

so! watch the video “how to make an omelet”, throw some eggs in a pan, top with grated parmesan and ground nutmeg, and enjoy!