the proposed menu (proposed by myself, i should specify) for making over the weekend (since i don’t have much time to cook during the week):

purple mashed potatoes – no food coloring involved
marinated chicken breasts with accompanying vegetable
crab cakes italianomy husband demands them on a regular basis now
ruth’s mushroom soupi demand this on a regular basis now
green bean casserolea favorite from my husband’s childhood
rosemary potatoesa mutual favorite

and, due to time restraints, these will all have to be cooked saturday afternoon or sometime on sunday.

am i insane? probably! but the thing that makes me feel like this is at all doable in the first place is

a) i am already familiar with four out of the six recipes
b) two require almost no prep and another almost no cook time
c) almost (note: almost) all of the recipes i’ve made recently have turned out well

so! stay tuned for updates. will suzy sink under the weight of her own ambition? will her tiny convection/microwave oven refuse to work past recipe number three? will her two pans stand up to the task of being used in almost every recipe?